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Scratchpad, keep it simple, and practical, with short YouTube clips for engagement…

  1. What’s available on
  2. Learn WP –
  4. What plugins are used on this site and why
  5. WP Commercial themes
  6. What is GPL and is GPLDL legit
  7. Domain name search tool
  8. Affiliates – peach, yoco, themes, plugins
  9. Lightning Fast-loading website – why and how
  10. Yoast and SEO – how to rank first in google
  11. Paid search results vs good content – pros and cons
  12. Neil Patel
  13. Websites you didn’t know about, part xx
  14. Best way to grab testimonials – and how to ask for referrals
  15. What’s on google – and courses
  16. Interviews with local businesses – DHL, Codera, HN, etc
  17. How to order your website online
  18. 100s of readymade website templates available
  19. Creating converting single landing page/site
  20. Integrating your local accounting package with WP
  21. Our solutions for web designers
  22. More on troubleshooting
  23. What is and focus on evergreen content
  24. Success stories, success stories, success stories
  25. Number of links, in+out+internal, link building
  26. Get a quote
  27. How to order your domain/hosting/email/website online (4-part series)
  28. Case studies: BC, etc etc etc

30 days

  1. The Importance of Responsive Web Design in Today’s Mobile-First World
  2. Best Practices for Creating User-Friendly Website Navigation
  3. Exploring the Latest Web Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out
  4. The Role of Color Psychology in Web Design: Choosing the Right Palette for Your Website
  5. Tips for Optimizing Website Load Speed and Performance
  6. How to Create Engaging and Interactive Web Forms for Better User Experience
  7. Designing Effective Call-to-Action Buttons that Drive Conversions
  8. The Power of Visual Storytelling: Incorporating Infographics and Data Visualization in Web Design
  9. Creating Accessible Websites: Designing for Users with Disabilities
  10. The Impact of Typography in Web Design: Choosing the Right Fonts for Your Website
  11. Implementing SEO Best Practices in Web Design to Improve Search Engine Visibility
  12. Tips for Designing Compelling Landing Pages that Drive Conversions
  13. The Art of Minimalist Web Design: Less is More
  14. Exploring Different Navigation Styles and When to Use Them
  15. Best Practices for Designing an Effective Website Footer
  16. The Importance of Brand Consistency in Web Design: Aligning Design Elements with Brand Identity
  17. Tips for Designing Mobile-First Websites: Optimizing for Small Screens and Touch Interactions
  18. Understanding the Role of Whitespace in Web Design: Balancing Design Elements for Visual Impact
  19. How to Create an Engaging and Professional Portfolio Website for Designers
  20. Incorporating Video and Multimedia Elements in Web Design: Enhancing User Engagement
  21. The Art of Creating Compelling Website Content: Strategies for Engaging Copywriting
  22. Best Practices for Designing an Intuitive E-commerce Website for Seamless Online Shopping
  23. Exploring Different Layouts and Grid Systems in Web Design
  24. Tips for Designing an Effective About Us Page: Conveying Your Company’s Story and Values
  25. The Impact of Microinteractions in Web Design: Enhancing User Engagement and Feedback
  26. Designing Websites with a Mobile-First Approach: Adapting Content and Layouts for Different Devices
  27. Strategies for Effective Website Navigation on Single-Page Websites
  28. The Power of Visual Hierarchy in Web Design: Guiding User Attention and Improving Usability
  29. Tips for Designing an Engaging Blog Layout: Enhancing Readability and User Experience
  30. Exploring the Benefits of Custom Web Design vs. Templates: Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

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